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Shopping in Rajasthan

Shopping in Rajasthan Rajasthan Crafts  Adventures in Rajasthan
Climate of Rajasthan Cuisines of Rajasthan Rajasthan Fairs and Festivals
Wildlife of Rajasthan

Blue Pottery
Jaipur is the home of glazed Blue - Pottery which has its origins in Persia. Its distinctive feature is that no clay is used. It is used out of a mixture of Fuller's earth. Quartz and Sodium Sulphite.
Floor Coverings
Rajasthan's Floor Covering industry has been revitalised to suit the needs of the modiern buyer and Rajasthani Carpets are making headway in markets not only in India but abroad. Skilled artisans had been sumn.. Herat (Afghanistan) by Raja Man Singh I of Amer to train the local workers and at present Jaipur, Bikaner and Amer are prominent centres of carpet weaving. The carpet designs are mostly based on Persian and Caucasian styles. Peacocks and flowers are the popular motifs as well as landscapes and geometric designs.
Decorate your home like a palace or haveli. The furniture of Rajasthan displays grandeur and elegrance. The carved and decorated chests, chairs, cradles and low tables & stooles are simply a steal. Each object is desirable whether inlaid figures or embellished with hunting scenes.
The craftsmanship of the jewellers of Rajasthan is renowned all over. Silver is more commonly worn by the rural women and is certainly more affordable for a shopper, although for the dedicated collectors, goldwork of the highest quality is also available. Even the men in Rajasthan wear elaborate jewellery, perhaps even a bold earring dangling down.
Leather Ware
The leather of work of Rajasthan is interestingly a joint effort of the local men and women. While the men do the tanning, cutting and stitching, the women do the embroidery and ornamentation.
Metal Ware
The metalware comprises of artistic brassware, enamelled, engraved and filigreed cut work on silver. Apart from jewellery, the silversmiths make beautiful boxes, trays small statues of Krishna, Ganesh, and ornamenta! birds, horses and elephants, enamelled as well as plain.
An irressisable buy bare the paintings of Rajsthan . The paintings done in inimitable styles and colour rendering are so distinctive that they catch the eye and touch the soul. 'Rajsathan has many schools ol painting having Their own districts styles, well known among them being Marwar, Mewar, Hadoti Kishangarh, Dhundhur and Alwar.
Stone Craft
Religious themes are carved in stone all over Rajasthan. The images are life- like and are skillfully sculptured in different varieties of stone. Statues of gods & goddesses, animals and human figures are carved out of while marble in Jaipur.
Rajasthani textiles come in a fascinating range ot dyed and block-printed fabric which are further. embellished by embroidery. Stunning, unusual combinations of scarlet and shocking pink, purple and orange, turquoise and parrot green, saffron and crimson, shot with gold and silver steal the limelight.
Wood Craft
Sandalwood carvings come in a range of objects and themes. The choices is so varied that it is difficult to choose, whether it's the desert carvan with tiny camels, or Lord Krishna playing the flute in a divine mood, or nymphs in aesthetic dance poses.
Rajasthan's Terracotta tradition, dating back to the Indua Valley Civilization, continues today in all parts of Rajasthan. Utility items like jars, water-pots, urns, and utensils are prepared from unglazed red terracotta and exhibit miraculous elegance despite their simplicity.
Toys & Dolls
Toy makers of Jaipur make elephants and horses of suffed cloth, decorated with tinsel & embroidered fabric. Paper - mache birds and animals are available in different sizes and colours and make an interesting buy.

Shopping in Rajasthan Rajasthan Crafts  Adventures in Rajasthan
Climate of Rajasthan Cuisines of Rajasthan Rajasthan Fairs and Festivals
Wildlife of Rajasthan


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